Appendix 1 [PDF 129KB]
  Species list of Shiretoko Peninsula and its coastal area
Appendix 2 [PDF 13KB]
  List of slides for which authorization is given
Appendix 3 [PDF 342KB]
  Legal instruments of protection applying to the nominated site
  3-A:Nature Conservation Law
  3-B:Natural Parks Law
  3-C:Law on the Administration and Management of National Forests
  3-D:National Forests Administration and Management By law
  3-E:Summary of the Wildlife Protection and Hunting LawProtected forest setting rule
  3-F:Summary of the Wildlife Protection and Hunting Law
  3-G:Summary of the Law for Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
  3-H:Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties
Appendix 4 [PDF 276KB]
  Management plan and other plans applying to the nominated site
  4-A:Management Plan for the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Nominated Site
  4-B:Designation Document and Conservation Plan for Onnebetsudake Wilderness Area
  4-C:Park Plan for Shiretoko National Park
  4-D:Regional Administration and Management Plan (for National Forests)


Additional reference material
Slides and DVD
Official topographical maps (provided separately)